Spreading Hope

This week has been crazy with the new dog.  Both Michael and I have forgotten how much work a one-year-old dog can be, but it’s getting better.  It’s really nice that he’s super smart.  I look at it as practice for being on your toes when a baby comes into our family.

If you are just joining this little story, I would invite you to check out my About page, so that this post will make a little more sense.

When I was in the hospital with my first stillborn daughter, a box was given to me by the nurses.  And the second time I was in the hospital saying goodbye to another daughter, I received another one.  They were from a group called Hope Mommies that is here in Dallas.  It’s a Christian support group for women who have had pregnancy loss or young infant loss (usually a year or under).  I attended a walk last October that was hosted by this group.

Well, last Saturday, I met up with some of the girls who were a part of this group, and we put together the Hope boxes, similar to the one I received during my losses.


We formed an assembly line, filling each box with books, candles, tissues, bookmarks, tea, and chapstick, among other things.


And after all of the boxes were filled, we each sat down and wrote notes to the women who would receive these boxes.  Most of these notes and boxes will go to local hospitals to be given to women just like me.  I tried to keep that in mind as I wrote a note to these precious mamas.  It was a lot more emotional that I thought it would be.


If you know someone who has recently gone through a pregnancy loss, Hope Mommies has a Facebook page that you can join.  You will have to go through the admin, though, because the group is very protected, especially the forums.  I’m so glad to be a part of something that can both support and give opportunities to support others.

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