Barkin’ It Up!

For those of you that might not know, I grew up right outside of New Orleans.  This time of year was especially fun for me because it is Mardi Gras season!  We would get out of school, go to parades, eat king cake, and end up with bags and bags of beads.  They were very sweet memories for me from my childhood.

So imagine my excitement when I found out several years ago that there was a Mardi Gras parade in downtown McKinney….for dogs!  The Krewe of Barkus is absolutely fun.  I wrote about last year’s experience here, which I think included some of the music as well.

Like every year, there are lots of vendors that you can visit a few hours before the parade.


Of course, my favorite “vendor” is the SPCA.  They had their own booth and one of their new buses!  They got amazing donations that have enabled them to have an adoption bus (pictured below) as well as one that will do free spay and neuters (especially in South Dallas where there is a major stray dog problem) and a bus for rescue and investigation.  I was speaking to one of the board members at the festival and he told me that they have even outfitted a warehouse to keep dogs coming from R&I situations.  These usually contain lots of dogs at one time, and the warehouse can house around 100 dogs.  That will really be helpful in the future.

Of course, we came for the main event.  The parade!  That of course was led by a jazzy band.


The theme was Bad to the Barkus, so it featured lots of prison themes.  I loved the Boston Terrier Prison Transport


And the Wanted Robbers in the stagecoach were a top favorite of mine too!


They made little wanted poster to match the two pups riding the stagecoach!

We had so much fun.  After the parade ended, it started to sprinkle, so it was time to go!  I’m glad the weather held out long enough to enjoy the event!

Do you have Mardi Gras celebrations where you live?  Do you have a favorite cause or charity?


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