Making Candles

For one of my March goals, I wanted to use a candle making kit that Michael got me for Valentine’s Day to try my hand at making a soy candle.  He got it from, and I’m not sponsored by them at all, but this will also be kind of a mini-review of their product as well.

In my research, I found that this kit was the least expensive kit for what was included in it. And from start to finish, the only things I had to provide were a pot to boil water in and a spoon to mix (and technically the newspaper, although they did have packing paper included that was thick enough to use.


So, first, I used a glue dot to attach the wick to the bottom of the container.


Then, I poured one bag of one pound of soy wax into the pouring pot, and then placed it in the pot of boiling water, to act as a double boiler.


Once that melted, I used the included thermometer to measure the temperature.  I was impressed with the quality of the thermometer in this kit.


Then, when it reached 175 degrees F, I added the green coloring included in the kit.


Once it cooled to 140 degrees F, I added the Agave Nectar fragrance.


The fragrance was pretty strong.  We have an open floor plan and I could smell it in the living room, but it wasn’t so strong that it would give me a headache.  After the fragrance was added, I poured it into the container with the wick (at this point, I realized that I could easily fill two containers, so I made another container with a wick before I started pouring).


I then used one of the bow tie clips to hold the wick in place as it dried.


And then, a few hours later, I checked on it and it was solid.  I cut the wick down.


And they even included little stickers to put on the bottom of the candle with safety warnings (like don’t leave a candle burning unattended).


Clean up was very easy, and that’s saying a lot for a clumsy, messy girl like me.  I only had to clean up a few drops of wax around where I poured, and cleaning the pouring pot was super easy as well.  I loved the kit.  The instructions were straightforward and easy to follow, and I have three more scents and colors to try!  Honestly, I put this off because I thought it would be time-consuming, but it really was easy to do!

Have you ever made candles?  Have you tried a kit that you love?


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