Easter Weekend

Since I gave you a weekend update last week, I thought I might as well keep the trend going.  That, or the weekends are picking up as we head into the summer months!

This past weekend was Easter, and I wrote a bit about this year and how it is different than prior years in my Sunday post.  But we still managed to make wonderful memories this weekend, despite the reminders of our pregnancy last year.

First of all, Michael and I still get each other a little something for Easter morning.  This year, he asked for a board game, one that we have played and enjoyed.  And I asked for a kitchen composting kit.  I know that’s a weird request for an Easter gift, but I’m really getting into the gardening mood lately, and I hate throwing away food scraps, so this really was the perfect gift for me.

To be honest, I forgot to buy cinnamon rolls for Sunday morning, but I knew I had the ingredients for some kind of bread.  I thought biscuits would be perfect, so I grabbed a recipe off of All Recipes.  It said to use a cookie cutter to make the biscuit shape, and I thought, why not an Easter cookie cutter?  I happen to have one from many years ago, so we had bunny biscuits!


Then, after worship, we had lunch with our framily (friends that are considered family).  This is a long-standing tradition between our families, and this time the other family hosted.  She made an amazing leg of lamb (cause I can’t do ham), with all of the fixings.  I just had to show up with my chocolate covered peanut butter eggs.  It was all delicious.

One of her boys is not shown up there, but I love every single one of them.  The oldest who is such a smart, funny leader.  The middle child (not shown) who is kind and loving.  And the youngest who could charm his way into anything.  When I sat down, the middle child put a biscuit on my plate to make sure I got one.  And when he ate one of my peanut butter eggs, he asked if he could have them for his birthday.  I really love making memories with this family.

So, despite the harder parts of the day, the memories of last year, I’m still so very blessed.


3 thoughts on “Easter Weekend”

  1. Aww this looks like a beautiful weekend, Katy ❤ It looks like you gave them a beautiful Easter. I have missed reading your blog… life has been just crazy as ever and the withdrawals are real!! I just wanted to say you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you have a lovely weekend ❤

    1. I have been loving your journey with your new job! You have got this and I know you will be amazing. Nurses made such an impact on me when I lost my girls. You are in my thoughts!

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