April to May

April has gone by.  We are at the beginning of another month.  These goals are beginning to be hit or miss for me, as you soon will see.  I think it’s because our life is starting to pick up.  The beginning of the year is Michael’s busy season at work, so we don’t do as much.  As we continue into the summer, we will steadily get busier and busier.  So, I’m already going to recognize grace in accomplishing my goals.

April Goals.jpg

So, spirituallyI am going to explore the ancestry of Jesus. – Accomplished.  I split this into four parts over the course of April.  You can find them here – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4

For healthI am going back to wearing a FitBit. – Mostly accomplished.  I didn’t wear it every day.  I couldn’t figure out a good place to keep it as a reminder.  But, by the end of the month, I’ve been wearing it more often than not.  Plus, I managed to get 10,000 steps in a couple weeks ago!  I probably averaged somewhere between 3000 to 6000 daily, depending on my activity that day.  Even on a sick in bed kind of day, I still could get out 1000 steps easily, which I was surprised by.

For homeI want to reorganize my book collection. – Accomplished.  Thanks to the help of an awesome friend, I put the books in three piles – nonfiction, adult fiction/classics, and young adult fiction.  I even have a very small children’s section, which I inherited from my parents.  These were books I had when I was a kid.  I mentioned in my goal post at the beginning of this month that I had an organizational system, well, I have a picture of it below.





Many people don’t know that I worked as a page at a library for one summer during college.  I was fascinated by the Dewey decimal system, even though it’s not perfect.  I like being able to find a category by number and browse that section.  I still do it, in fact.  So, I thought I would do the same with my books.  So all my nonfiction books are organized that way.  And I can find all of them using my excel sheet.  I’m trying to decide if I want to move it into an Access program for easier searchability, but the system is working out fine as it is.  Pictures of that process below!


For online/writingI’m going to continue with my Lent fast. – Accomplished.  Since Lent ended midway through the month, I’ve been slowly getting back into social media.  Like other people I know who did this fast, I culled some of the people I followed, especially on Twitter.  I realized who I missed and who I didn’t.

And finally, the bonus goal, I want to learn five phrases in a language.   So, I chose German, and I learned the five most important phrases.

Hello.  How are you? – Hallo. Wie geht’s dir?

Where is the bathroom? – Wo ist die Toilette?

I’m sorry.  I don’t speak German. – Es tut mir Leid. Ich spreche kein Deutsch.

Pardon me. – Entschuldigen Sie.

Please.  Thank You.  You’re welcome. – Bitte. Danke. Bitte sehr (interesting that please and welcome are basically the same, huh?)

may goals

May is one of the tougher months for me.  It probably won’t surprise people as to why.  Mother’s Day is a big part of May, and it’s a hard holiday for me.  I used to think that I should just celebrate this holiday the way I always have, honoring the mothers in my life including my mommy friends, because one day I will want to celebrate this holiday with my own children.  However, it’s taken me until now to realize that this is realistically where I am.  And I’m okay with that.  So, a lot of this month’s goals will be reflected a little more towards introspection.

So, spirituallyI am going to do the 31 Days of Praise devotional book.  One of the neat things about going through all of your book collection.  I found this book, and I’m not sure if I have done it before or not, but I thought spending some directed time in prayer and praise to God will be good for me this month.  Plus, May has 31 days.  Perfect.

For healthI am going “long walk” the dogs at least twice a week.  The dogs get taken for walks almost daily, but I haven’t been taking them on the walks that I’ve intended to do these past few months.  One of the things I love about getting a younger dog is that it requires me to stay active for him.  Wearing the FitBit has also motivated me to do this, plus I’ve been listening to YouTube podcasts that I download offline on my phone through YouTube Red.  I really have no excuse not to, except maybe unpredictable weather, which is why I’m starting this at two times a week.

For homeI want to organize my nightstand.  It’s not out of control, but it could definitely use a little straightening up and an inventory of what I really need besides my bed at night.

For online/writingI’m going to maintain Saturday summaries.  I got a lot of compliments on the Saturday summaries I would do to wrap up my week of blogs.  Granted, I haven’t been blogging as consistently as I was at the beginning of the year, and it may be hard for me to keep up the usual three a week I used to do.  But I think doing Saturday summaries may inadvertently motivate me to write more.

And finally, the bonus goal, I want to complete four books.  I figure this is doable since I now know what books I have (and read the ones that have been gathering dust on my shelf).  Also, I realize this is close to a book a week, but I am almost done with one book that I’m reading now, so maybe that will make it easier?

Did you make new year goals?  How are they going?  If you accidentally forgot about them, or they don’t really work for you, or whatever reason, don’t be afraid to recalibrate and create new ones for this month!


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