A New Foster

So, I mentioned a few posts back that I was fostering a new dog.  And to be honest, this has been my hardest foster to date.  She has been at my house for almost three weeks and still hasn’t really come out of her shell very much.  She is pretty good with the routine that we have for her, but she is steadily wary of anything new and refuses to interact very much at all.  She doesn’t even like dogs right now.  She’s not aggressive at all, just shaking and scared no matter what.  She eats and sleeps comfortably in her wire crate, but isn’t too happy outside of this safe space.  I’m determined to work with her as much as I can and hopefully, we will have a breakthrough.

For some dogs, it’s like that.  You think the dog wants nothing to do with you, and then one day it’s approaching you like it’s always approached you.  So, I’m trying some new techniques this week in the hopes that she will come out of her shell just a little more.  She’s a sweetie, that’s for sure!



5 thoughts on “A New Foster

    1. Katy Post author

      Well, she came from a hoarding situation, I believe. Although, her litter mates acclimated very well and have been adopted. She didn’t even like interacting with them, from what I was told. Sometimes there is just one in the litter that is slower to come out of their shell than the others. I have worked with ones in similar cases before, this being my 11th foster. I have many more tricks to try. 🙂

      1. waggytalesdogblog

        Oh I’m so glad she hasn’t been badly treated bless her. I used to foster in the UK, thats until my naughty mini dachshund came along. He has a history of biting so he couldn’t be rehomed…..so he came to me! I hope you do some more blogs on the little girl so that I can follow her progress and wishing you both all the luck in the World , x

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