Par-tay Around the World

This weekend, we celebrated the sixth birthday of this guy.


We share a birthday month, and he has the same name as my little brother, but there are so many other things that make him special to me.  His quiet kindness, his sweet smile, his excitement about his current interests.  In fact, his birthday party was a trip around the world because he loves drawing and learning about countries and states and capitals.

The whole party was adorable.  She had food from around the world – French fries, German sausage, American chicken nuggets, Italian ice for dessert.  Plus there were puzzles and passports for the kids.

Of course, I also love her other two boys as well.  The oldest is smart and headstrong, a great big brother most of the time.  He has a strong sense of justice and isn’t afraid to ask questions.


And goodness gracious the youngest is a hoot.  He is funny and talkative and charming. His smile can light up a room.


When Michael and I moved here, we didn’t know very many people, and we had no family nearby.  But this family and our family have adopted each other.  We have laughed together, cried together, lifted each other up, mourned with each other, rejoiced with each other, talked about the hard stuff, and just really lived life with each other.  So thankful to have them in our lives.  Happy Birthday, Daniel!


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