Michael’s New Aquarium

Several years ago, one of Michael’s friends asked him to hold onto a 5-gallon tank (among other things) at our house while they were in the process of moving.  When they came back for their things, his friend told him that he could keep the tank.  Michael had a coral tank when he was younger, and I was excited for him to get back into something that he loves.

Then, it went from 5-gallons to 40-gallons.


And today, that 40-gallon tank has evolved into this.


The blue hue is coming from the LED lights above the tank.  When the lights are at the right intensity, some of the coral even glow.

Our library has evolved over the years when it came to aquariums.  At one point, he had 40-gallon tank and a frag tank where he grew coral to sell.  We have been snorkeling in the Caymans, and we try to go to aquariums or coral stores whenever we travel.  We have been to coral conferences, which was the reason we took a trip to Washington DC two years ago.  We were going to go to the one this year, but that was around the time our daughter died, so we choose to forego it.  We haven’t quite decided what we will do this year.

I’m so proud of how talented my husband is with this hobby.  The coral he has placed in this tank will grow and overwhelm the rocks, making a beautiful waterscape.  That will take several months, but when it’s all grown out, I will be sure to update you!



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