Birthday Dinner at Del Friscos

Last Saturday, in honor of my birthday this week, we ate at the new Del Frisco’s in the Shops at Legacy in Plano, TX.

20170617_173712They have other locations in the DFW metroplex, but this is their newest location.  The staff was amazing.  We loved our server!  But today, I’m going to talk about the food.

So, usually, we get the calamari whenever we eat at a steak house like this one, but we decided to be adventurous this time and we ordered the octopus, served with Gigante beans, tomatoes, olives, capers, lemon, and cold pressed olive oil.


The ends of the octopus were a little chewy, but the rest of it was tender and the beans and tomatoes complimented it very well!

The special of the night was a bone-in fillet, oscar-style, with asparagus in a hollandaise sauce.  This is actually quite similar to what I have ordered in the past at other steak restaurants, so for the first time in my life, I ordered the special.


The meat was super tender and juicy.  I ate half of this and took the other half home, and the leftovers were still tender and juicy even after warming it up in the microwave!  Oscar style is crab meat on the top of the steak.  I’ve never had it all together in one dish (usually the asparagus and sauce are on the side), but it did not disappoint!

Michael ordered the prime rib, which he ate most of, but still had some left to eat the next day for lunch.


Usually, we get the lobster mac and cheese, but the server said that there was another lobster option not on the menu yet called lobster mash (basically lobster with mashed potatoes).  She asked if we would like to try that instead, and Michael said, why not get both?  So we did.

They were both amazing.  They both had different tastes and textures, but they were like casseroles.  Yummy, scrumptious casseroles.  We had a good bit to bring home for these as well.  And they were half orders!

Finally, we asked for the dessert menu.  The server recommended the butter cake.  There were other choices that sounded pretty good, but they were the more usual choices we make.  So we threw caution to the wind and ordered the butter cake to share.  It’s served with a scoop of butter pecan ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream.  The perfect end to a wonderful dinner!


We left so full and satiated that evening.  It was a wonderful birthday treat!  We will definitely come back again.

What are some of your favorite restaurants?  Do you usually order the same thing, or do you try new things?


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