Elos Grand Opening!

In the DFW area, there are a few fish stores, but none of them have really been in the northern part of the Metroplex, at least none that have been worth revisiting according to my husband.  So, when we found out that there was a new fish store relocating up here, we decided to visit them during their grand opening.


They are called Elos, and they used to be in Southlake, but have moved farther up to The Colony, which is closer to where we live.


As a non-aquarium person, I can give you my perspective of the place.  Most aquarium stores that I have been to have a salty, “aquarium” smell to them, but not this store.  They had pizza available, so that was a strong smell, but the rest of the store smelled clean, much more like a retail store, which surprised me.  I know that might be a weird description, but I’m a “sense of smell” kind of girl, and it wasn’t strong or overwhelming here.  Now, a lot of their tanks weren’t filled yet, and I know they were going to be bringing in another huge tank, so that might change, but it was the first thing I noticed.

20170701_111614Lined along one wall was a series of full tanks wth coral and fish.


Against the other wall was a selection of products for aquarium maintenance and upkeep.  They had some brands I recognized, and of course had a lot of the Elos brand as well.


And in the back were two large tanks of coral.  My phone pictures do not do them justice because my phone picked up a lot of blue from the overhead lights.  These coral were gorgeous and colorful.  Michael actually bought two frags from them that day.

The employees were super helpful, willing to walk around the store answering any questions you might have.  Once the tanks in the front are filled with fish, I think this will be an excellent store to visit if you are looking into building your own aquarium at home.  I even think there will be freshwater options as well.

I’m really glad there will be a store so close to us now.  We are huge advocates for locally owned stores, and we are happy to be able to support this one!


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