Summer Goals Update

While I am not doing month to month goals for the summer, I did want to do a little check in of the goals I started in June.


SpirituallyI am going to host an online Bible study.  

This is going strong.  I am really enjoying the stories of these women from the Bible, and the different perspectives that the women have who are doing the study with me.

For healthI am going to work up to walking three miles at least four times a week.

I am easily walking three miles twice a week, and I plan to up that to three times a week this month.

For homeI want to accomplish three projects.  

I finished one of these projects, which I will share later this month, and I plan to work on the next one this month.

For online/writingI’m going to write every day.  

So far, so good!

And finally, the bonus goal, I want to complete nine books.

I am behind on this goal.  I have only completed one book, but it’s a series that I intend to finish this month.  We shall see.

Did you make new year goals?  How are they going?  If you accidentally forgot about them, or they don’t really work for you, or whatever reason, don’t be afraid to recalibrate and create new ones for this month!


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