How We Celebrate the 4th in Texas

I almost didn’t get to celebrate this year because Sunday night, I ate something that really messed me up.  We think it may have been either undercooked food or a pork contamination (I am allergic to pork, so it can really mess my stomach up).  On Monday, since Michael was off, we tried to go to the movies, but I couldn’t stay through the whole show.  This is only the second time in my life I’ve had to leave the movie theater, and it feels almost sacrilegious to do so.  I mean, tickets are so expensive, to begin with, but Michael was a good sport about it.

But Tuesday, I started to feel a little better, so we decided to grill out and see how I do.  Michael is an excellent grill master.  He made burgers and grilled my favorite vegetable, okra, along with corn on the cob.20170704_145043.jpg

We watched four episodes of the HBO miniseries John Adams, which was fantastic.  Those particular episodes covered from the Declaration of Independence all the way to the very beginning of John Adams presidency.  It was really neat to see the first inauguration, where all of these men were during the War and the parts they played building the country.  While, of course, there were some inaccuracies, it was an incredible show and I highly recommend seeing it.  The relationship between Abigal and John was so sweet and fiery.

Since I seemed to be doing a little better, Michael and I decided to go to the McKinney Red, White, and Boom celebration.  We have been in the past when my parents visited four years ago.

20170704_190050I love going to this event.  They have a lot of fun family activities, food trucks, and a good concert.  Of course, it ends with a beautiful fireworks display as well.


I didn’t get anything for dinner that evening.  Everything looked very heavy or fried or both.  But I did indulge a little and share a caramel apple with Michael.


The concert that evening was Prophets and Outlaws.  They are a southern rock/blues band.  I thought it was going to be straight country, but they definitely have a more bluesy sound, which I really enjoyed.  Michael and I aren’t big country fans, so that was a pleasant surprise.


And of course, I took an obligatory firework shot, or two.  But as I was taking them, I realized that it was more important for me to just be in the moment.  So I stopped, put down my phone, took Michael’s hand, and just enjoyed the show.


Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July!


3 thoughts on “How We Celebrate the 4th in Texas”

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