What My Parents Taught Me About Marriage

They don’t know I’m doing this, but today I wanted to spotlight my parents.  Mostly because this week, they are celebrating their wedding anniversary.


They have taught me so many things through their marriage.  And their marriage has had some serious ups and downs.  Just a few years into their marriage, when I was just a baby, my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  He received radiation and the doctors said that my parents might not be able to have any more kids.  But, miraculously, my brother was born.  But this taught me to lean on God during times of uncertainty.

We moved around several times during my childhood due to my dad’s job or better opportunities for education.  We didn’t live near extended family for the majority of my childhood which created a bond between the four of us.  This taught me the importance of creating my own family unit with my husband, but also how to create my own village wherever I lived, that family stretches beyond blood.

Whenever a job was lost or health problems came, I saw my parents support each other.  They are a team.  They trust each other, openly communicate their needs to each other, and respect each other.  Neither my mom nor my dad ever said a negative word about the other, not even if they were frustrated with each other.

Of course, there were disagreements, but even then, they taught me how to “fight fair” by listening to each other, giving each other space to process, and knowing that no matter what, they were in this life together.  It has taught me to have these same qualities and priorities in my own marriage.

And finally, they taught me to keep God as my top priority, to chase after Him before all other things.  God is walking with them through their marriage just as He walks with me in mine.  Their faithfulness to Jesus has guided them and strengthened them.  And I am so thankful for their example.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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