Weekend in Review

Not a lot happened this weekend.  My stomach issues have lessened quite a bit, but they are still ongoing.  At this point, I just need to avoid dairy and heavy food, which is like 75% of food here in Texas.  And if I do eat something I can’t eat right now, well, it’s better if I just stay at home.

We did manage to get out of the house a few times though!  First, we went to see Spiderman at the Moviehouse.


They had a light greek yogurt brunch option (which is pretty much the only technical dairy I’ve been able to eat).  Really, the food is why I like to go there because every single thing I’ve ordered has been fresh and amazing.  I’ll talk about what I thought about the movie in tomorrow’s post.

And then last night, I went to a game night with friends at another movie theater, the Alamo.  It has a kind of bar in the theater.  I say kind of because it serves alcohol and pub-like food, but it’s family friendly with kids menus and the like.  And the TVs in the room play more than just sports.  Usually, it’s movies that are playing on TV or award shows when it’s that season.  But I just come for the games.

There are games provided by the bar, but most of the regulars bring their own games.  20170709_200354.jpg

These are not the usual games of clue and monopoly that I played growing up.  And games are broken up into different categories like resource building or deception games.  Sometimes, it’s a game from a TV or movie series like the one below, Battlestar Galactica.  Some games take a few hours to play, and some play 30 minutes. BSG takes a few hours to play.


If you want to learn a new game and you like a certain game, there are people who will ask you what you like about the games you prefer playing to figure out what new games you would enjoy.  And then they teach that game to you.  They also take into account how long you want to play we well.

Well, last night, I actually got to teach a game.  It’s a game we brought, and one that is popular within our little gaming community.


I mentioned this game in my April Favorites.  Last night, we have three completely new people looking for a game to play that didn’t take long to play, and so I taught them this one.  It plays up to four people, so I played fourth, but I lost horribly because I was so focused on teaching the game to them.  It was absolutely fun.  And it was cool to meet new people, too.  A chef, an illustrator, and a science teacher.  It was awesome.

But other than these two outings, I really did stay inside most of the weekend.  I’m hoping that I’m on the tail end of whatever this is.  I feel fine, otherwise, and I have a feeling this week is going to be super busy!

How was your weekend?


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