Trying Korean BBQ for the First Time

Something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now is Korean BBQ.  I know that it’s been a trendy thing to eat the last couple of years, and I’m sure I’m the last to jump on this train, but Michael and I decided to try it this past weekend.


We wanted to play it safe (since I’ve been having stomach issues lately), so we found Burning Rice in Frisco which had high reviews.  I always thought that Korean BBQ was cooked right in front of you, but this place makes the food in the back and brings it out to you, either in a regular bowl or a stone bowl (which keeps the food piping hot).

It was pretty busy when we got there, at 6:30ish on a Saturday evening.  This helped cement our decision to eat there.

Michael got the Veggie Stirred Rice, the Pineapple Kalbi Steak, and all of the veggies and the egg on top.


I got the brown rice with the Bulgogi and everything on top as well.


I chose the stone bowl, and the food stayed really hot the entire time I was eating.  And it was enough for me to bring some home for leftovers!

Eventually, I want to try the kind of Korean BBQ that cooks right in front of you, but this was an excellent first experience with this kind of Asian inspired food.

Are you adventurous with your food choices?  


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