We Got an Upgrade!

Ever since we moved into this house almost eight years ago (has it been that long?), we knew that at some point we would have to replace the water heater.  I remember within the first few years of living here, at least two of our neighbors had their water heaters burst and flood their homes.  It was one of the many reasons we continued to renew our home warranty each year, but we were not looking forward to dealing with the inevitable flood.

I am thoroughly happy to report that not all water heater replacements require that flood.

So, about the middle of last week, Michael noticed some brown water coming out of the bathroom faucet as he was getting ready for work in the morning.  I had been taking baths the previous few nights as per my self-care regimen, so we figured that I had actually managed to empty the water heater, revealing the sediment at the bottom of the tank.  Michael was worried that it might also be rust, so we called our warranty and they sent out a plumber.

When the plumbers arrived, they checked the water coming out of the bathtub first, and while that was running, one of them went downstairs to check on the water heater, itself.  He came back in with this picture (well, one like it.  I asked him to take a picture on my phone so I could send it to Michael).


Do you see all of the corrosion and leakage?  We had actually caught the leak early enough to avoid a massive deluge in our home!  Of course, we’ve not always been this lucky (especially with our A/C), but I was ecstatic that it would be replaced without much problem.

PicMonkey Image.jpg

It had to be brought up to code (including installing a drain pipe that would allow the water to run down the garage and driveway in case of a leak instead of the house), but the warranty covered the installation and the unit itself.  So even though we were out of pocket a bit of money, it wasn’t nearly the amount it could have been, and it wasn’t nearly the disaster it could have been!

So happy and thankful for such smooth replacement!


3 thoughts on “We Got an Upgrade!”

    1. We watched that happen to our neighbors and we were so sure it would happen to us. Thankful it didn’t! So sorry it had to happen to you, though!

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