Beautiful Day For A Wedding

This past weekend, one of Michael’s coworkers got married.  And it was incredibly beautiful.  We realized that it’s been a while since we have attended a wedding, as most of our friends are now parents, so this was a real treat to get all dressed up.20170813_163342.jpg

The venue was gorgeous.  It was The Room on Main in Dallas.  It just looked like a simple building on the outside, but when we got to the sixth floor and walked through the doors, the room was absolutely breathtaking.


Incredibly high, cove ceilings with large, original windows overlooking the downtown area.


The bride’s dress was a beautiful mermaid cut with a long train.  And the bridesmaids wore elegantly draped dresses.  This was the only picture I took of the wedding because I didn’t want to interfere with the photographers.  At one point, there were a lot of phones out, and it just made me think of all those articles written by wedding photographers, begging for people not to ruin those pictures.

Then, the curtains lifted to reveal the reception area, identical to the first side with windows all the way around.  At each table setting, there was this beautiful little note coming from the bride and groom.


The food was delicious.  There was cake and dancing and laughter.  It was perfect.  And the view from the windows was spectacular.


We were so blessed to be witnesses to this event.  We wish all the best to the bride and groom!



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