Final Summer Projects

The last few summer projects that I wanted to complete this year were not as creative as my jewelry holder project.  And they weren’t as big as turning the office into a library.  But they have been on the back burner for so long, and they needed to be done.

First, I had a couple of pillows to repair.  The first was a pillow for Valentine’s Day that I bought on Amazon.  It stayed out a bit longer than it needed to and developed a hole on the side.  So, I pulled out my sewing machine (literally dusting it off) and repaired the hole.


The second pillow was in disrepair because a dog (ahem, Teddy, ahem) chewed the buttons off.  Thankfully, he didn’t swallow them, but the buttons were chewed up goners. So, I went to Joann Fabrics, bought a new set of buttons, and sewed them on.  RedPillow

And finally, I received a beautiful lighthouse from my mother-in-law that she had in storage, so it had a thick layer of dust everywhere.  I used dusting spray and a cloth for most of the surfaces, but for the delicate wire on top, I used a dry toothbrush to get the dust off.  It looks all shiny and new, perfect for my little nautical corner of the bookshelf!


So, they weren’t major projects, but they have been hanging around for quite some time.  I’m glad to check them off my life (and get a little more space in my closet!).

Have you ever had small projects hanging over your head like this before?

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