The Last Summer Post

This is my last post of the summer, you all.  I completed a goal to write every day this summer!

And that feels good.

So, originally, I was going to share some photos from my latest visit to the SPCA, but it was so busy and chaotic, I hardly took out my phone.  While they were running business-as-usual, they were also accepting donations in a steady stream of amazing people.

I haven’t mentioned a lot about Hurricane Harvey and the Houston area on my blog.  My area was completely unaffected by this storm (we might get some rain this weekend?) because I live in Dallas.  Well, I take that back, we were affected, but more in the way that Dallas opened its doors to everyone who was displaced in Houston.  There are lots of people who are staying in shelters here, and some of those people have pets who can’t stay in those shelters.

Enter the SPCA.


The SPCA set up a huge temporary shelter to house the pets for their owners who have been displaced because of Harvey.  They also took in cats from a cat shelter in Corpus Christi last week, in preparation for the storm.  Volunteers have come together to help this process run smoothly.  This is in addition to taking in donations at their shelter sites to further aid these families and their pets.

There were piles of dog food bags as big as I am stacked in hallways at the SPCA when I got there this week.  And people were sorting and organizing everything.  And once people were done dropping off their items, they wanted to tour the pups, which I happily did (I’m an adoption counselor, so I love showing off our amazing puppies).

Another amazing thing is that we are now at capacity for new volunteers (because they have to go through training and we only have so many hours in the day).  I am so proud to be a connected with this group of loving, giving people.

If you would like to help, you can visit the SPCA site here for more information.


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