Dear Future Self: Big News


I realize that videos like these can be difficult for those going through pregnancy loss or infertility. Know that I made this video with you guys on my heart. It’s strange to be celebrating this milestone and yet still grieving with those that are not yet here. You have been on my heart this week, friends.


11 thoughts on “Dear Future Self: Big News

  1. Grace

    YEA!!! [insert happy dance]!!!
    Praising God for this answered prayer!
    Will continue to pray over you and your ‘tomato seed’!
    Hugs 🤗

  2. bringbackhisgirls

    Praise Jesus!!! I am so excited for you, Katy. Dear Jesus, please protect and bless this couple and the child you have placed in her womb!!!

    I want to encourage you with Isaiah 26:3. “You will keep in perfect peace
        all who trust in you,
        all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” (New Living Translation).

    Keep your eyes, heart and hope on Jesus alone!!! Trust Him to walk with you through this journey… Jesus, please remove Katy and her husband’s anxiety and replace it with perfect Peace. ❤

    So happy for you!
    With Love in Christ,

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