Another Day At the Arboretum

Michael and I went to the Arboretum last year closer to Christmas time.  Somehow, through some amazing connection Michael has, we got two free tickets to go again this year.  And this time, we were able to go with another couple who we have grown pretty close to this year.


But the best part of the whole trip was that the other couple, our friends Steven and Lizzi, got engaged!  They have a connection with waterfalls in their relationship, so he proposed right in front of the waterfall there at the Arboretum.  But we didn’t just go as witnesses to this event, Michael brought his DSLR camera and took pictures!


This picture was actually taken at the beginning of our visit, and the proposal happened as we were leaving, but it was at the same waterfall.  Michael was so nervous about taking the pictures, but he did such a great job.  He said he probably wouldn’t do something like this professionally.  It was too stressful!

Afterward, we had brunch at this place near the Arboretum called Another Broken Egg.20170916_105055.jpg20170916_110052.jpg

That’s me with the bride to be!

The food was amazing.  It had a bit of a New Orleans flare, which being from New Orleans made me so excited.  I had the Floridian Omelet, which had crabmeat and cream cheese, along with grits and an English muffin.  And, since I saw it on the menu, I had to order a half order of beignets, which I ended up having one and taking the rest home.  They weren’t like Cafe Du Monde, but they were pretty good. The omelet was amazing.  I enjoyed every single bite.  Everything was perfectly cooked.  I highly recommend this place and hope to go back sometime!


Food aversions haven’t really kicked in yet, and I hope they don’t.  Although in the past, seafood has always been okay for me.  It’s usually chicken that I don’t like or cooking meat.  Morning sickness has arrived, though, but it’s been manageable thus far.  Although I’m still pretty early, so I don’t want to assume anything yet!


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