State Fair 2017

Last week, Michael took a day off from work so that we could go to the State Fair of Texas!


This has been a tradition for us every year since we have lived here.  I was looking back over all of my pictures, and we have definitely created some traditions when we go to the fair.  First, we eat something fried.  I didn’t get a picture of what we tried this year, but I had a bite of the Fried Texas Sheet Cake, which was good, but way too sweet for me.  Still being the first trimester definitely affected the trip this year, but I still kept up the tradition!

The second thing we do is ride the Ferris Wheel.


We have ridden the Ferris Wheel every year (called the Texas Star) but only started taking our picture on the ride, the second year we did it.  However, we have had a picture taken on the Ferris wheel ever since!  (And the first year, 2008, we had our picture taken waiting in line and a picture of our view from the top).

We didn’t stay very long this year since I tire easily and the nausea was still there, but we still had a lot of fun.  Looking forward to going again next year!


Do you go to your state fair?  Do you have any fall traditions?


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