Christmas Kick-off With My Parents

This past weekend, I got to spend time with my parents for Christmas.  They live in Georgia, far away from here in Dallas, TX, so it’s always a treat to get to spend some time with them.   We had so much fun, but unfortunately, I didn’t get many pictures.

So, first, they came to my 16-week ultrasound appointment, which I will talk more about on my Friday update video.  I will probably say this again on Friday, but this was such a special thing for me.  None of my family (except Michael, of course) have been able to attend an ultrasound appointment for any of my pregnancies.  So this was pretty awesome.

Then, we decorated for Christmas.  Teddy helped test the lights.


And we managed to get the tree and mantle done by that first evening so we could have Christmas the next morning (since they won’t be here for Christmas this year because this year is my in-laws’ turn for Christmas).


(The fire wasn’t on because it was so hot this weekend – highs were in the upper 70s)  The next morning, we stayed in our pajamas, exchanged presents, and had hot cocoa and pancakes.  All wonderful traditions for our family.

We went to Downtown McKinney, but I completely forgot to take out my phone to take pictures.  This is probably one of my favorite downtown areas in the DFW metroplex, especially at Christmas.  I know I plan to go back sometime this month so I will try to take some pictures, then.

We also saw Murder on the Orient Express, which I might do a separate post about.  My mom is a big mystery fan.  She has read pretty much all of Agatha Christie’s stories, so this was a real treat to watch this with her.

Then, on Sunday, we went to church that morning.  And then that evening, we watched an adorable musical.  One of the kids in the chorus is my best friend’s son (and surrogate nephew).  This was his first musical, and he did so well!


Most of the rest of their visit was doing Christmas-y things at home.  My mom was so kind to make one of our traditional Christmas desserts, boiled custard (which she shared a bit of the finished product with the dogs).


She had them eating out of her hand, literally!  They may be moping around today, wondering where the fun humans went.

It was amazing to see my parents for the time they were here.  I don’t get a lot of opportunities to see them throughout the year, which makes this holiday season extra special.  It was the perfect way to kick-off Christmas this year!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Kick-off With My Parents”

  1. I am glad your visit with David and Cheryl was so very good! I would love to have been there but as you know someone needs to stay with Bonnie. We had fun and I was glad to make that contribution to your Christmas celebration.

    1. We really missed seeing you! The gift you sent was so cute (and the gift card was a special treat!). What gave it away that I like dogs? 🙂

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