February Favorites

February is almost over, so I wanted to share a few favorites from this month.

Book of the Month

My book binge is still going strong. My favorite book this month has got to be Matt Haig’s How To Stop Time. The review will come out in a couple weeks so I will link it when it comes out. A new hardback cover came out in February, but I opted for the above edition which was illustrated by Chris Riddell. The illustrations were a really nice touch to the story.



Getting into my third trimester, I wanted to find a good pair of maternity jeans, which is actually quite hard to find. The problem I have is the length. All the maternity jeans I’ve tried in the past hit just a little too short. That is until I found Isabel maternity Jeans at Target. The only downside is that there aren’t a lot of options in the store, you have to buy them online. Still, when they arrived, they were perfect.



I got this lotion a month or so back to hopefully help me sleep. I’m a very light sleeper, and when I get up in the middle of the night, it makes it difficult to go back to sleep. So, I’m up to try anything, and I saw a lot of reviews for Sleepy from Lush. The smell is soothing, but I use it sparingly because it can get quite strong. It definitely helps me relax at night.



Keeping up the mint theme from last month, I’ve been enjoying Mint Majesty since it was sold at Teavana (which is now under the Starbucks logo). Starbucks has been advertising a Honey Citrus Mint Tea, but the citrus part has caffeine in it, which I’m trying to avoid. So I opted for just the Honey Mint Tea. It is now my new go-to drink!

What are some favorites you have been enjoying this month?

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