DFS: Week 31 Ultrasound and Three Scenarios

This video gives us three end scenarios for this pregnancy.

Also, to those of you who have asked about a baby shower, I did talk about this in Week 18, but I realize it has been a while since then, so the short answer is that I’m not having one until after he is born.  But there will be one, I promise!

4 thoughts on “DFS: Week 31 Ultrasound and Three Scenarios

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  2. Mackenzie

    Thank you for the update!!! Even though I don’t always have time to comment, I love popping in to see how you are doing. I love love love your videos and will continue to pray for a safe and healthy delivery, whichever scenario is the outcome. I am so excited for you, Katy. You are gonna be the best momma to this sweet little boy. ❤

    1. Katy Post author

      Yea, full disclosure, my gushing about nurses on your blog this week *might* have had something to do with the care I was receiving at the hospital. I am so grateful for nurses and knowing you and the care you put into your own career only supports the superhero theory. 🙂


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