House Project #2: The Floors

A couple weeks ago, we completed a second major house project that has been on the books for a couple of years.  We got the majority of our floors replaced.  And by we, I mean we hired a company to do it.  Between busy season and baby season, if we tried to DIY this one, it wouldn’t have gotten completed.  But we are really happy with the result.

So, first, we wanted to replace/remove the carpet in our living room downstairs.  The rest of our downstairs is this ceramic tile.  Since I started fostering dogs with the SPCA and pet-sitting, I have wanted to get this carpet out of here.  It’s just easier to maintain when I have canines all over the place.



See?  There is even a dog in this picture.  The carpet has got to go!



I love this floor.  It’s a water-resistant vinyl.  And, by removing the tile in front of the fireplace, it has really opened the room up.

The second major project was to remove and replace all of the carpets upstairs, including the stairs.  It’s all the same carpet upstairs, but it’s super soft and a little darker than the previous carpet.  I will use the stairs as an example of the change.



Well loved and used carpet.


The guys hauling away the old carpet and bringing the padding upstairs.


The new carpet being hauled upstairs.



We love the fact that this took literally two days to complete, both the living room and the upstairs.  Of course, the upstairs is still in a bit of a disarray because only a few days after the project was completed, I was in the hospital, so I don’t really have any of the rooms to share with you.  I mean, I just got the books back on the bookshelves today.  It’s going to be a process.

It was really nice to have this one marked off the books.  As for other house projects, we have a few here or there that we might get to, or we might put them off for later in the year.  Right now, the baby is starting to take center-stage, so we are focusing on that!

7 thoughts on “House Project #2: The Floors

  1. Annette Satterfield

    I really like the floor in the livingroom! Also the carpet on the stairs is beautiful I know you and Michael will enjoy all the “freshness” of the new flooring. Love to all of you

    1. Katy Post author

      Yes, I jokingly said when it was done that the baby could come at any time. Two days later was when I went into the hospital… I had to have a talk with the little boy that I didn’t mean literally. 🙂

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