My Current Playlist

I feel like it’s been a hot minute since I shared what I’m currently listening to.  And usually, it’s in the realm of pregnancy loss or anxiety.  While I do have a few songs that are under that theme on my playlist, I thought I would also share a couple songs that just get my foot tapping as well.

I found this song to be perfect for me during the Lent season.  “Help us with our unbelief” has been something I’ve written more than once in my prayer journal during the pregnancy.  Plus, the video is beautiful and simple.

This song is always playing in my car, turned up and blasting.  The first verse made my breath catch and I knew I would love the song.  Amazingly, the first time I heard this song was on the radio at a low moment of doubt and fear.  It was exactly. what. I. needed.


Pivoting from the Christian themed songs, I heard this one on the radio as well.  I’ve never heard any other songs from Lovely the Band, but I really this one.  The beat is great.  Plus, I can relate to connecting with others through brokenness and loneliness.

And finally, the happy sunshine song I’ve been loving this Spring.  This was another radio introduction and it’s so catchy.  It’s just one of those fun, lovey-dovey songs that I like to blast when I’m working on projects or cleaning or driving.  And I will end the playlist here.

What are you listening to lately?

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