How Are The Dogs Doing?

It’s the number one question I get.  So, I thought I would answer that question.


For our rat terrier, the boy is nothing special.  She hasn’t shown much interest in him, only a few sniffs here and there.  The one time she does notice his presence is when our lap is full.  It’s a new experience for her, being that she has been in our family for over 10 years.  She’s not used to sharing, but if we give her a bit of attention at some point during the day (and keep her food coming), she is adjusting well.


For our blue heeler, it has been a little different.  Teddy is a newer addition, himself.  So, he was a lot more curious.  Whenever he can get the chance, he loves to kiss the boy’s feet, and sometimes even noses his head.  And Teddy is so gentle in general, so I’m not worried.  In fact, I am looking forward to the two of them becoming best buds (and getting into all sorts of trouble, I’m sure).

I feel like we lucked out in the canine department.  I’m so glad the transition is going so well.  Of course, we are always vigilant and never leave them in the room together unsupervised.  As gentle as my dogs are, I’m not going to assume they know all baby etiquette right away.

We did bring home the blanket from the hospital so they could smell him before seeing him.  That is the most recommended way to introduce a new baby to your fur babies.  But I think it’s also in knowing the temperament of your dogs and being vigilant during their interactions.

Have you ever had to make these kinds of introductions?  How did they go?

4 thoughts on “How Are The Dogs Doing?

  1. My Perfect Breakdown

    I love this post!! Especially because I got to see baby bits and puppies! Two of my favourite things. 🙂
    So glad the dogs are adjusting well. I am excited to see how their relationship changes changes as he grows up. 🙂

    1. Katy Post author

      Me too! I will be interested to see how the actual interaction goes. Right now, Sam is just interested in lights, but once he realizes that dogs exist, that’s when the fun begins!

  2. Alissa Davis

    Our toy poodle was great. She’d sometimes just walk right over the baby during tummy time, but she was always good for a baby snuggle and would nose at the baby during crying jags. Their friendship went on hiatus when V got big and fast enough to pull her ears too hard, but by the time V was three, Gracie was sleeping with her in her big girl bed.

    1. Katy Post author

      I love this! Yes, our dogs hate when Sam cries. Jerzee will howl and Teddy noses him. But sometimes they just go outside to get away from the noise. Ha!


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