Continuing the Conversation

One of the things that I am most passionate about is the conversation about pregnancy loss and infertility.  It’s why I share my own experiences.

But I want to go beyond my own experiences.  So, I am going to share links to posts and articles that I have found that are keeping this conversation going.  I encourage you to read these articles, but I will also give brief thoughts or synopsis to each of the links.

How to talk to a friend who is experiencing infertility – An interview with Andrea Syrtash, who launched an infertility online magazine called Pregnantish.  The points in the article are accurate for both pregnancy loss and infertility.  Heavy emphasis on listening and transparency.  Also, I briefly perused the magazine.  It has some basic articles but also highlights families and their journeys through infertility.

Loss of sex drive women: I cried through sex with husband – This is a beautiful, raw, touching piece written by a woman who is struggling with infertility.  It has some language in it and it is adult in nature, but it is very open and vulnerable.  An excellent window into the struggle for a lot of women.

The Importance of Acknowledging Pregnancy Loss – This is a broad article the covers most of the basics about pregnancy loss.  I was surprised to see that abortions made the list for this writer, but I don’t doubt that there are some women who grieve those losses as well.  I just know that it can be a touchy subject and that the pregnancy loss world and the pro-choice world have collided at times.  Still, it is a pretty good article to share with those that have never experienced or know anyone (which they probably do and don’t know it) that has had a pregnancy loss.

Those are a couple of articles to get started.  I share these to get the conversation started, but also to show that this is a common conversation.  That if you have experienced or are experiencing infertility or pregnancy loss that you aren’t alone.

Do you have any posts or articles that have touched you or compelled you to share?

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