June Favorites

The end of June kinda got away from me, so this is going up a little late.  So here are my June Favorites.

Book of the Month


This was a tough decision.  Because I really loved Scythe as well, but this one takes the top place this month because of the pregnancy loss subject matter and how well it broaches that subject.  I talked more about that here.



Breastfeeding has been such a journey for me.  All my friends were right, that about six weeks it got much better, especially with this product.  The Lansinoh Lanolin Cream.  I don’t use it all the time, usually just after a feeding or when I get out of the shower.  It is a lifesaver!

Beauty and Fashion


One thing I’ve been loving at night after a long day of being on my feet (cause that baby loves to be carried and walked around…it has worked better than the Fitbit ever did!), is this foot cream, Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm, I picked up at Ulta.  I actually got it much earlier in the year, but it has been such a nice pampering indulgence lately.  And it keeps my feet so soft!

TV and Movies


I got into a bit of a rom-com binge on Netflix, and I would highly recommend Set It Up.  It’s so cute, even if a bit predictable.  In fact, a little predictability was just what I needed.  Sometimes it’s just nice to have a non-stressful show to enjoy during breastfeeding sessions.

What are some favorites you have been enjoying this month?

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4 thoughts on “June Favorites

  1. Mackenzie

    I’ve seen What Alice Forgot several times now- was it good?! Recommend? So funny– I remember in nursing school emphasizing the importance of linolin cream for breastfeeding – but haven’t thought about it in years. Excited to see that netflix- I always like having a light show or movie on when working on stuff on the computer. Glad to hear things are going pretty well, Katy!

      1. Katy Post author

        It is good (although, I see that you have read my review now). That cream is apparently very basic, but VERY necessary. And I love having something light to watch on Netflix, which surprisingly can be hard to find sometimes!

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