The Farmer’s Market

I love going to the Farmer’s Market.  I hadn’t been yet this spring or summer because of the baby, but I finally went last weekend.  And I took the little boy with me. Granted, it was during the normal time of the day that I take him for a walk in the stroller, so he slept through this experience as he does most stroller rides, but I see this as only the beginning to a fun tradition.


It seems bigger, which I think is great.  And it’s so much more than vegetables.  There were people selling jewelry, apparel, lotions, hot foods, even a bookseller (which I managed to resist this time, but I don’t know about next time.  They were children’s books, though any book tends to be my kryptonite).


But there were a lot of vegetables and fruit.  And the fruit was aromatic.  After making one trip around the entire market, I settled for the biggest fruits and vegetable booth, mostly because they were selling okra.  But the fruit smelled so good, I ended up buying some of them as well.


This was my haul.  I also purchased a cranberry raisin walnut bread and a pain au chocolat from a bakery booth.  The bread was a perfect balance and excellent warmed up with a little butter.  And the pain au chocolat was ridiculously delicious.  The croissant part was buttery and the chocolate center was perfect.  Plus, the fruit was perfectly ripe.

Michael wasn’t able to go with us this time, so I know we will be back again at least one more time this year (though it’s open every Saturday until November, so it will probably be more than just one more time).  I’m so grateful to have access to these food options, and I look forward to my next visit!


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