July Favorites

And here we are at the end of July, already.  I feel like the days are long but the weeks are so short.  Here are my July Favorites.

Book of the Month 91mya47ednl

Easily this month, Thunderhead was my favorite book.  It’s easily one of my top favorite books of the year so far.  I wrote a longer review of it here.



Since breastfeeding has gotten a lot easier, sleep has been our next focus.  There are some nights and days that he will sleep really well, while other nights and days I wonder if he will ever sleep again.  Our biggest culprit is that Moro reflex.  The one that makes his arms jut out in front of him like he’s falling.  Wakes him up every time.  And he now hates the traditional swaddles.  So, Michael’s coworkers suggested this and it works!  It’s called the Zipadee Zip and it’s my definite favorite this month!

Beauty and Fashion


I used to love taking a nice, long warm bath with the bath bombs and bubble bars, but I don’t have the time to do this anymore (the boy is now the one who takes baths, and it’s sweet and cute and a perfect consolation so I’m not complaining).  So, I wanted to find a way to pamper myself without having to fill the tub, and I found out about shower steamers.  Now, these don’t work as well in the shower tub combos in my opinion, but if you have a square standing shower, it works perfectly.  And it lasts through the entire shower.  When I’m feeling particularly sleepy one morning, I pop one of the Bath and Body Works Energy Shower Steamers in and it is the perfect start to my day.



During my walks, I’ve been listening to various podcasts.  One of my favorites is What Should I Read Next with Anne Bogel.  She has different guests on her show, talking about various topics.  At the end of the show, the guest will give her a little insight into what they love, hate, and are reading at the moment, and Anne will give them a few book recommendations.  It has definitely fed my bookaholic nature, but I really love it.  One of the more recent episodes had Ian Chron on to talk about the Enneagram personalities.  It was like two of my fascinations in one hour long podcast.  Simply perfect.

What are some favorites you have been enjoying this month?

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