Continuing the Conversation

I want to continue sharing other people’s stories or articles from around the internet, so here are three new voices to share.

We Unknowingly Make Women Who Have Dealt With Infertility Feel Excluded -A really well-written article that sheds light on the things we unintentionally do and communicate as a society to women who are struggling with infertility.  I’ve shared some very similar feelings during my journey.

Study: Women’s emotional state not related to success of infertility treatment – I thought this was really interesting, especially considering that a lot of women who struggle with infertility hear the advice of “just relax.”  Maybe pointing to this study might help squelch that.

Monique Samuels Says Past Miscarriage ‘Haunts’ Her Current Pregnancy — But She Feels ‘Blessed – I don’t really watch any of the Real Housewife reality TV, but I thought this was a great article about pregnancy after loss.  The second-guessing.  The wariness of it all.  I totally relate, and I’m glad a public figure is speaking on the subject.

If you have never experienced pregnancy loss or infertility, I can guarantee there is someone in your life who has.  While the above stories may not be the same experiences for everyone, they can definitely open that window to more understanding and empathy for what everyone goes through.  And for those of you who are in the midst of these unknowns or losses, you are not alone.  May these words uplift and encourage you today.

Do you have any posts or articles that have touched you or compelled you to share?

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