How I Survived The First Three Months

Sam is about to be 4 months old in a couple weeks.  I’ve learned a lot about myself and him in these last few months.  Just like any life stage, there has been a definite learning curve to the adjustments.  So, I thought I would share some general things I’ve learned.

  1. Get your people.  Your community is necessary.  Whether I was going through pregnancy loss or melting down at the frustrations of sleep deprivation and breastfeeding, I am so thankful for the support system I have around me.  My husband is incredible, as well.  I don’t know how I would have gotten through these weeks without him.
  2. Self-care is important.  This is something I really started to prioritize after I lost my daughters, and it is still true in this season of life as well.  Whether it’s a couple hours on the weekend, or even just a favorite body soap in the shower, I have tried to find little moments throughout my day that give me a little pick-me-up to keep me going.
  3. Find your rhythm.  One of the most unhelpful things I have seen are the hundreds of websites promising the perfect schedule or product that will help my baby sleep (which all looked like they could work in the desperate hours of 2 or 3 am).  But even before I had Sam, I was trying to find the perfect schedule or planner or product that would make my life easier or more efficient.  But something I have learned in the last couple of years, and especially had to re-learn these last couple of months is to be okay with what works for you.  Trying things out is fine, but embracing the rhythms that were already there, making sure my priorities were met, and letting go of the strict schedules that worked for someone different than me were probably the best things I could have done for my own sanity.

Everyone in this life is just trying to figure it out.  No matter what life stage you are in, no matter what you are dealing with, no matter what accomplishments or pitfalls you are facing, these things really helped me and I hope that they might help you too.  Of course, having a God in my life willing to walk through it with me makes all of this even possible.  His quiet whispers of encouragement through my community, his soft reminders to take care of myself, and his calm rhythms thrumming in my own life have helped my head to stay above water.

Thank you for all of your encouragement and support over these first few months as well as the last five years.  I’m always so grateful for your friendships, both near and far.

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