Continuing the Conversation

I want to continue sharing other people’s stories or articles from around the internet, so here are three new voices to share.  One of them is a way you can get involved!

New Zealand to consider miscarriage leave for parents in bid to tackle ‘taboo’ subject – After having a miscarriage, being able to take some time off to grieve and recover is so important.  I’m glad to hear New Zealand is thinking about doing this.  I would love to see America do this as well.

This Is Why It’s Important To Talk About Miscarriage – Beautiful article of one women’s experience with miscarriage and the fact that it wasn’t really discussed around her until her miscarriage became unavoidably public.  I came to these same conclusions after I wrote about my first miscarriage, that talking about it helps other women feel less alone.

BYU grads help families struggling with infertility – This one was totally cool.  After experiencing infertility and the costs of IVF, one family decided to start a children’s clothing line to help other families with IVF, adoption or surrogacy.  Basically, to help families build however they are able to!  Plus, the clothes are absolutely cute and affordable.  Here is a link straight to the clothing site.

If you have never experienced pregnancy loss or infertility, I can guarantee there is someone in your life who has.  While the above stories may not be the same experiences for everyone, they can definitely open that window to more understanding and empathy for what everyone goes through.  And for those of you who are in the midst of these unknowns or losses, you are not alone.  May these words uplift and encourage you today.

Do you have any posts or articles that have touched you or compelled you to share?

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