Continuing the Conversation

I want to continue sharing other people’s stories or articles from around the internet, so here are three new posts to share.

My Infertility Inspired Me to Become a Birth Photographer – This photographer experienced infertility and IVF before becoming a mom for the first time.  But her birth story included an emergency c-section which made the whole process rushed.  In those moments, she wished she had documented more, taken more pictures, which then inspired her to become a birth photographer.  Having a healthy baby and recording this journey can be such an important way to help other women.  As of posting this, her personal site is under maintenance, but there is a video of her work included in the post above.

This Powerful Photo Series Is Raising Awareness About Miscarriage And Loss – Rise for Women created a photo series on Facebook with women who share their journeys of pregnancy loss and infertility, plus what people have said to them.  It’s absolutely perfect.  The linked article shows a few of them, but it also links to the Facebook page as well.

Even after a miscarriage, I will always be my baby’s father –  Washington Post article that recounts a very similar experience to my own but coming from the father’s perspective.  I don’t often see a lot of articles like this, so when I do, I want to share it.  Because men are not alone in their grief either.

If you have never experienced pregnancy loss or infertility, I can guarantee there is someone in your life who has.  While the above stories may not be the same experiences for everyone, they can definitely open that window to more understanding and empathy for what everyone goes through.  And for those of you who are in the midst of these unknowns or losses, you are not alone.  May these words uplift and encourage you today.

Do you have any posts or articles that have touched you or compelled you to share?

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