Continuing the Conversation

I want to continue sharing other people’s stories or articles from around the internet, so here are three new posts to share.

I’m pregnant after having a miscarriage — and learning that grief has a ripple effect – Sandy Jorgenson was blissfully unaware of pregnancy loss during her first pregnancy.  But when that was followed by a 9-week miscarriage and secondary infertility, it opened a whole new world.  In this Washington Post article, she talks about getting pregnant for a third time, after her miscarriage, and all of the grief that comes with it.  I definitely related to this article on a personal level, especially the part about using the Doppler pretty much on a daily basis during my last pregnancy.

There are several types of miscarriage, but none are talked about enough – Really great informational article.  Katie Gagnon shares the definition of what a miscarriage is (a loss before 20 weeks) and also describes different types of miscarriage.  It really only focuses on miscarriages, not stillbirths or infant loss.  It’s not really something I would share with someone who is presently pregnant, as it is kind of anxiety-inducing, but it does show just how little control the mama has during a pregnancy.  There are also some helpful links at the bottom of the article for those who are feeling isolated after having pregnancy loss.

Not Every Miscarriage Results in Grief and That’s OK –  The title is a little misleading.  Amy Keller Laird shares her miscarriage story and how she didn’t have what she thought should have been the right grief reaction.  The reality is that there isn’t necessarily a “right” reaction.  As she continues with her story, you find out why she had the reaction that she did and more about her “reproductive story.”  It’s beautiful and worth a read.

If you have never experienced pregnancy loss or infertility, I can guarantee there is someone in your life who has.  While the above stories may not be the same experiences for everyone, they can definitely open that window to more understanding and empathy for what everyone goes through.  And for those of you who are in the midst of these unknowns or losses, you are not alone.  May these words uplift and encourage you today.

Do you have any posts or articles that have touched you or compelled you to share?

3 thoughts on “Continuing the Conversation

  1. sbach1222

    You have no idea how much I needed that last story today.

    I literally spent yesterday driving home feeling like I was a heartless monster for being okay with the last 2 CPs I had. I debated writing a post about it, but I thought I would get so much backlash that I didn’t, heck, I was giving myself so much crap about it, of course others would I thought.

    But again, thank you.

    1. Katy Post author

      Yes, I’m glad it spoke to you. It did to me as well. I didn’t have the same reaction to my first miscarriage as I did with my stillbirths. It felt like more of a setback than a loss. I think all reactions are normal and should be accepted and respected. Like in the article, they are only part of the story.

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