A few more things I’ve done lately

In addition to the library that we updated, I also updated our living room.  Of course, it’s all new IKEA furniture because we may have an IKEA addiction problem (although is it a problem, really?)

I was looking for some before pictures of the living room and realized that I, for some odd reason, didn’t take those pictures.  The best I could do were the pictures I took when we had our floors redone.  It didn’t look much different on day to day basis, really.



Also, I got a new Christmas tree that I put up before I took the after pictures.  I have been waiting five years for a 7.5 foot tree. I just wanted a tree that was as tall as the room because I just love big Christmas trees (and, yes, there are presents already under the tree as we are having a Thanksmas celebration this week with family).

Michael calls this room our grown-up room.  I do feel like a grown-up in this room.  Gone are all the college and newlywed hand-me-down pieces that were falling apart.  And it’s so cozy (though to be fair, the Christmas tree is making it feel extra cozy).  And it has a rug!  This is the first rug I’ve ever purchased (unless you count bathroom rugs and of course, I got it from IKEA).  

I think we are done for a little bit on all the updates.  But I’m so happy with how everything has turned out!

9 thoughts on “A few more things I’ve done lately

  1. Annette Satterfield

    I love what you have done! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family. I am excited about Christmas and your projected visit to David & Cheryl’s. Maybe we can get together a few times so I can spoil Sam a little. Love you all.

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