3 Things I Learned from Yoga Class

I’ve been doing yoga since college, but I’ve never actually taken a class. That is, until recently. I’ve taken two. One of them was at a local gym and the other was by a friend of mine from high school who was doing a Holy Yoga session.

Being in a public setting has become something that causes a lot of anxiety for me. I didn’t always use to be that way. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older and more set in my ways. Maybe it’s the PTSD and anxiety that are a result of my pregnancy loss. Maybe it’s all of the above. So, I celebrate the fact that I showed up and went through with it. Twice.

Even though I’m familiar with the movements, positions, and vocabulary of Yoga (and Holy Yoga which sometimes uses different words for the same positions), I still learned a few things from these two classes.

Photo by Burst on Pexels.com
  1. Everyone is a little self-conscious. If you had any question about this fact, look at the number of yoga mats laid out towards the back compared to the front of the room, no matter how much encouragement comes from the teacher.
  2. The only person who can really challenge you is you. In both classes, you are encouraged to go at your own pace, which means no one really knows your pace. Only you know whether you are taking it easy or really pushing yourself. So it really is up to you to decide to grow.
  3. Sometimes you fall and then you get back up. Oh, this happened. I got caught up in my thoughts or my breathing or something and lost where my feet were and just toppled over. But I just got back into the next position, realigned with the breath and kept moving.

I hope to incorporate more yoga classes into my weekly schedule this year. Taking the time to move with the breath in a group setting was so relaxing and enjoyable. I highly recommend it!

2 thoughts on “3 Things I Learned from Yoga Class

    1. Katy Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! You should definitely try it, even if just an easy YouTube video. That’s pretty much how I started and I love it!


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