That Time I Spoke In Front of People

This past Sunday, I got up in front of people and told my story. This was a pretty big deal since I have a pretty good amount of anxiety speaking in public. They put it up on the interwebs, so below is a link of the entire speech. It’s a recap of my pregnancy loss journey up until today.

Link to my testimony

9 thoughts on “That Time I Spoke In Front of People

  1. Raven Nicole

    I’m so sorry you had to endure that. I can imagine that it wasn’t easy, but you got through it and now you’re able to speak about it to help someone else.

  2. Jamie Shannon

    Thanks for sharing your testimony. Miss you dear friend and so thankful for our time together. Thankful for a faithful God. Love to you, Michael and Samuel.

    1. Katy Post author

      I miss you too, sweet friend! I get glimpses of your family online every now and then. How is it that your daughter already looks so grown up?!?

  3. Mackenzie

    I just listened to the whole thing- I’m writing this with tears- gosh, your faith is awe- inspiring. I actually didn’t realize just how many miscarriages you have been through before, and yet you clung to God every single time. I am always going to remember your story, Katy. Thanks for sharing and using your voice to encourage others. ❤

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