Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter of Mine,

This month you would have turned 4 if you were born on your due date. There are so many things I wonder about how you would have been at this point in your life.

What would be your favorite color? Your favorite food? Would you have a best friend? Would you prefer to go to the library or the park? What would be your favorite TV show? Your favorite song? Would you like to sing or dance?

How would you have been as a big sister to my little Sam? Being the oldest, I can already assume you would be a little bossy if you were anything like I was as an older sister. Would you be trying to teach him words and colors?

I miss you, baby. Every year, I see little girls born around the same time you were supposed to be born and I wonder how similar and different you would be. It seems time just keeps moving without you here, but you are very, very missed. Both you and your sister are very, very loved and missed. I think about you both all the time.

Your brother will know who you are. He will grow up with the reality of his two big sisters. He will know that you love him, because I’m sure you do.

Baby, mama loves you. I know you and your sister aren’t alone. I know you are being surrounded by family and being held by our Creator.

Big hugs and kisses to my precious girl today. Hug your sister.

Love you always,

Your Mama.

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