April Favorites

I have had an absolute blast this month. Michael’s busy season is coming to an end, and we celebrated Easter as a family. So many favorite moments, and here are a few more favorites this month.

Book of the Month

I usually don’t like a book with a lot of profanity in it, but this has to be my favorite this month simply for the fact that it challenged me on how I see and operate in the social media realm. Plus, it’s a great story. I wrote more about it here.


I bought this book for Sam for Easter. I love, love, love Matthew Paul Turner’s books. I have all three of them, and I will probably by any of the future ones he writes. His poetry (because that’s what it is) accurately reflects the love of God and for children so perfectly. You can check out more here.

Beauty and Fashion

I received my new FabFitFun box at the end of March so I have been playing around with a few of the products, like this Tula Purifying Face Cleanser. It’s a gel so it’s a different consistency from the other cleansers I’ve used in the past but it makes my skin oh so soft! I love it!

Like most subscription boxes, I can get you a bit of a discount and they will also give me a discount. The Spring box is going to be shipped next month and I already made my choices, so I’m anticipating some great products. You can still order the Spring box. Here’s the link for the discount.


Another movie from the TBW list, Mary Poppins Returns was absolutely adorable. I also watched Saving Mr. Banks this year on Netflix before I saw this one so the movie was a little different for me.

The plot follows the same formula as the first one. There is a scene with animation, a scene where they end up on the ceiling with a strange relative, and a scene of street workers dancing. There is even a scene at the bank, but I don’t think there was a song this time. Predictable, but cute. And Miranda and Blunt are darling. They do fix the unrequited love that Poppins and Bert seemed to have in the first movie…none of that in this one, but there is still love in the air.

What are some favorites you have been enjoying this month?

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1 thought on “April Favorites

  1. Mackenzie

    So glad you had such a great month, Katy!! Thanks for sharing your favorites 🙂 This month I am enjoying the book “Little Fires Everywhere”. Hoping to finish it soon!


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