Newsletter 2020

At the beginning of last year, I started a newsletter, which fizzled out with my blog last summer.  I felt defeated, to be honest.  But in only 8 short weeks, so many things fell into place that I couldn’t ignore that this blog and my writing were part of my calling.  I may not get large followings or achieve success by worldly standards, but I know from comments and emails and private messages throughout the last 7 years especially that I am meant to write.  It’s seeped into my blood and become a part of me.

When I decided to come back and write, I made a point to restructure the blog in such a way that I could maintain some amount of content on a regular basis.  And it was a good bit of restructuring.  And I’ve allocated some of the content to my newsletter that will come out at the beginning of each month on the first Friday beginning in February.

The newsletter content will be a behind the scenes of the blog.  It will include more of stuff going on in my life that may not make it into a blog post or may go into more detail about something I mentioned in a blog post.  It will also be a place that I will talk about the book that I’m writing (yes, I’m still writing that book), including even some beta reading opportunities.

Now, I don’t think I’m great at selling things.  It’s probably because I don’t like being sold things.  But this newsletter is going to have content that I’m not putting anywhere else. So if you want to be a part of this awesome community, there is a seat saved for you.

Link to Sign Up

Here’s the link.  If you sign up before next Friday, you will get the February newsletter which will talk about why I have more space in my life this year and why I made that choice.  Hope to talk to you soon!

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