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Seasonal Rhythms

Most of my life, I’ve tried to set up time-based schedules to live by. It’s how our world really works, by the hours and minutes of a clock. But it never seemed to work well for my own life. I would fill up every hour with some activity. I would even include rest time or down time. Or I tried using blocks of time for activities, but it never worked.

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On top of that, I’m not great with change. It’s unpredictable and time-based schedules crumble in the face of change. I needed to be more flexible, but it didn’t feel like it was in my DNA to be more flexible. Change wears me down, even the good kind. So I wanted to find a way to live into that ebb and flow of life.

Then I heard about living in rhythms. What I have learned so far about rhythms is that they are as natural as breathing. Even in the face of change, it’s just the next right step forward, or sometimes even backward. But it requires slowing down, paying attention, creating space to reflect. But, I’m so busy running after my son and my dogs and all my responsibilities, that I thought it would be impossible.

So, I decided to try incorporating some seasonal rhythms. At the beginning of each official day of the season, I stop and change a few things in my home to celebrate and commemorate the natural change of the season. In each one, in addition to changing the decor I already have, I added a scent, and the hobby focus in my life for each season. Here’s the result.

  • Spring
    • Scent: Lavender
    • Hobby: Gardening (this is the point when I make all the plans of what to plant and how to maintain it all, but I do continue to water and maintain through Fall)
  • Summer
    • Scent: Citrus & Coconut
    • Hobby: Piano or Guitar (something inside because Texas heat is real)
  • Fall
    • Scent: Apple
    • Hobby: Knitting (my newest hobby that I’m learning and loving)
  • Winter
    • Scent: Mint (think peppermint at Christmas and mint chocolate around Valentine’s Day)
    • Hobby – Baking

I picked scent because that particular sense tends to ground me to the present. I smell citrus, I think summer. I smell lavender, I think spring. I chose a different hobby each season because, honestly, I was trying to do them all at once. Dividing them up and dedicating intentional time to each one, even for only a few months, has helped me grow and learn more than I did when I was trying to do it all.

I would love to learn how to incorporate this rhythm mentality into other aspects of my life, but I’m not there yet. That’s okay. I guess, that’s part of the whole process. Slowing down and letting things happen more naturally and less forced. I already see a difference those other parts of my life, even without doing anything intentional. I can definitely see how rhythms can be really helpful, and I’m looking forward to trying more things, especially in the face of busyness and change.

Do you have any seasonal rhythms or traditions that you look forward to? Do you struggle with change like me? Do you have anything that helps you deal with ongoing changes in your life?

Mint Herb Kit Update

So, not much happened this weekend.  Since it’s busy season, Michael had to work on Saturday, which left the pups and me to chill at home.  And Sunday was fairly calm as well.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to give an update on the Mint Herb Kit that I started earlier this year.

So after I put the kit together, once there were the tiniest sprouts poking through the dirt, I had to change out the water which included adding a tsp of the included plant food to two cups of water.


Now, the sprouts have sprouted, and they are starting to look like tiny mint leaves.  I’m so excited.  I’m looking forward to some fresh mint this summer.  I love putting it in my water.  It’s so refreshing.  Plus, I just love the smell as well.  Of course, I still can’t smell mint on these tiny leaves just yet, but I hope I will soon!

Do you have any recent project updates?  What are you looking forward to this summer?

Growing Mint

For Valentine’s Day, Michael got me a self-watering indoor garden jar from Modern Sprout.  If you have read either my January Favorites Post or the one from February, you know that I love mint.  So, this particular jar came with mint seeds.  Since I probably won’t be able to garden much this Spring, I’m considering this to be my alternative form of gardening this year.


All of the ingredients were well labeled and the instructions were mostly easy to follow.  I think I had a hard time trying to figure out when the net pot (the pot inside the jar) was to be added, but I don’t think I hurt anything in the way that I did it.


Basically, you fill the mason jar with two cups of water, and then place the net pot inside, making sure the wick is protruding up enough to be able to water the plant.


My favorite part was taking the coco pith disc (that brown circular disc) and placing it on top of the gravel-like grow medium, then slowly wetting it so that it would expand and cover the medium.20180227_102847.jpg


After the coco pith was spread, it was time to add the activated carbon and the mint seeds.  Apparently, the mint seeds were the only herb that you don’t bury in the dirt.


Then, you place the whole thing by the window.  It says I should expect to see sprouts in at least 5 days, but it could take a couple of weeks.  With the crazy weather we have been experiencing, I’m hoping we will be granted a few days of sunshine to really let the seeds sprout.  I will let you know if this ends up being fabulous or an epic fail!


My Birthday Present

I wanted to share one last thing from my birthday celebration this month.  If you have been on this blog very long, you might have seen my vegetable garden over the years. We started this garden back in 2012, and it has evolved through the years as different needs arise.


We put green mesh around it to try to keep out the wild rabbits in our neighborhood.


The rabbits got through that mesh, so we moved on to chicken wire.


I have grown a variety of plants, okra being my favorite to grow, but we have also planted tomatoes, corn, peppers, squash, even lettuce.  And we always manage to grow a few herbs here and there, mainly basil.

But this year, I wanted a bigger garden, one that not only kept out the rabbits, but also our loveable dogs and possibly even the birds (cause they always get our tomatoes.  So Michael started to build.


Notice the heap of grass that used to be our vegetable garden.  Last year, we just let it grow out because I wanted to do something different this year.

And here’s where we are so far.


Michael spent an entire weekend building these cedar raised beds.  Soon we will fill them with dirt, and maybe plant a couple of hearty herbs.  I look forward to growing more vegetables in the garden next year.

Do you like to garden?