Clear The Shelter Day 2017

Last Saturday was Clear the Shelter day in DFW.  This was my second one.  My first one I wrote about two years ago. One of my friends on Facebook posted about their confusion about this day.  She said that for the majority of the year, these shelters were pretty particular about who can adopt these… Continue reading Clear The Shelter Day 2017

Gordon, The Foster Dog

This is Gordon. Gordon was adopted but then surrendered again.  So, the SPCA behaviorist asked me to take Gordon on as a foster to see how he does in the home.  The surrendering family said that he had problems with housetraining.  He is afraid to go outside so I could see how this might be a… Continue reading Gordon, The Foster Dog

The Streak is Still On!

So every dog that I have fostered has gotten adopted so far, after being fostered in our home (meaning they didn't have to go out to another foster or anything).  I thought this streak was going to end with Shayla, the foster I had a couple months ago, but she was adopted in the last… Continue reading The Streak is Still On!