Our 2017 Labor Day


Since last week was a rough one for us, we intentionally decided to not make plans for Labor Day.  In holidays past, we would visit family or have friends over, but this year, we just wanted to have a day in.

One of the unique things (at least to me) of living in Texas is from Memorial Day to Labor Day, there are flags at the entrances of all the neighborhoods.  I took advantage of the beautiful day by walking around the neighborhoods and trails near our house.20170904_114215

And then, in the evening, Michael grilled out with hamburgers.  While I hung out with the pups in the backyard.



So, we had a laid-back, chill evening just with our little family.  Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day!


How We Celebrate the 4th in Texas

I almost didn’t get to celebrate this year because Sunday night, I ate something that really messed me up.  We think it may have been either undercooked food or a pork contamination (I am allergic to pork, so it can really mess my stomach up).  On Monday, since Michael was off, we tried to go to the movies, but I couldn’t stay through the whole show.  This is only the second time in my life I’ve had to leave the movie theater, and it feels almost sacrilegious to do so.  I mean, tickets are so expensive, to begin with, but Michael was a good sport about it.

But Tuesday, I started to feel a little better, so we decided to grill out and see how I do.  Michael is an excellent grill master.  He made burgers and grilled my favorite vegetable, okra, along with corn on the cob.20170704_145043.jpg

We watched four episodes of the HBO miniseries John Adams, which was fantastic.  Those particular episodes covered from the Declaration of Independence all the way to the very beginning of John Adams presidency.  It was really neat to see the first inauguration, where all of these men were during the War and the parts they played building the country.  While, of course, there were some inaccuracies, it was an incredible show and I highly recommend seeing it.  The relationship between Abigal and John was so sweet and fiery.

Since I seemed to be doing a little better, Michael and I decided to go to the McKinney Red, White, and Boom celebration.  We have been in the past when my parents visited four years ago.

20170704_190050I love going to this event.  They have a lot of fun family activities, food trucks, and a good concert.  Of course, it ends with a beautiful fireworks display as well.


I didn’t get anything for dinner that evening.  Everything looked very heavy or fried or both.  But I did indulge a little and share a caramel apple with Michael.


The concert that evening was Prophets and Outlaws.  They are a southern rock/blues band.  I thought it was going to be straight country, but they definitely have a more bluesy sound, which I really enjoyed.  Michael and I aren’t big country fans, so that was a pleasant surprise.


And of course, I took an obligatory firework shot, or two.  But as I was taking them, I realized that it was more important for me to just be in the moment.  So I stopped, put down my phone, took Michael’s hand, and just enjoyed the show.


Hope everyone had a good Fourth of July!

Hosting the Holidays!

I love Easter, and it’s different because it’s one of the holidays that we spend with friends instead of family.  The closest family to us is about six hours away, so it’s hard to travel in such a short period of time, especially since it is busy season for my husband.  The first few Easters we lived here, we spent celebrating alone.  After we bought our house, we made the decision to use this house to host and reach out to others.  So, for Easter, we host to other people in our lives who live too far away from family to celebrate this holiday with them. Continue reading

It’s so easy being green!

This blog post is so late.  We have had quite a bit of adventure in this house lately.  Last night, these horrific storms blew through our town.  They shook the house (which was built only 12 or 13 years ago).  Our power went out for an hour.  I fell asleep at that point, but when the power came back on, our alarm went off which was very loud and Jerzee jumped on my head.  You know, in case I was needed, I should be fully awake.  🙂

Anyway, this post is about our fun weekend.  It was St. Patrick’s Day!  Well, it was on Saturday, but we decided to stretch out a little.  I decorated the house in St. Patrick’s Day Decor.

Then, I took Jerzee to the winter Farmer’s Market, along with a trip to the doggy cookie store.  I DID take my camera, I promise, but I completely forgot to take it out of my purse at the market.  I was too busy trying to haggle down some honey and honey sticks for my husband.  When the summer market is in full swing, I promise to visit again and take lots of pictures.  There is more at the summer market anyway.  At the doggie store, we bought a surprise for Loco for his upcoming birthday, but you will have to wait until next week to find out what that is!

Michael had to work all day (yay for busy season…).  So, I spent the afternoon weeding our much overgrown garden beds near the house.  I didn’t shoot before pictures, but imagine all the blank spaces were filled with grass.  It was really bad, but I’m excited to buy new plants for all the room we have now!  Oh, and Michael mowed the yard the very next day.  I just wanted to take a picture now so that we could have it when it was all done.  🙂

But we did have Corned Beef and Cabbage for dinner.  I found out yesterday that I’m not a fan of leftover cabbage.  Good to know for the future.  🙂  We also went to Whole Foods to pick up some food for the week.  Michael had been before, but never really explored the store.  We looked at everything before leaving with our yogurt and chicken wingettes.  And Whole Foods is green, right?

Since Michael did work, he wanted to do something special, so Sunday night he took me on a surprise date!  We ate at this pizza place named Grimaldi’s.  The food was SO good.  The leftovers have been awesome as well.  We had White pizza (meaning no sauce and white cheese) and Grilled Chicken, Red Peppers, Mushrooms and Whole Tomatoes.  So yummy!

After that we walked around the boutique area surrounding the restaurant.  It’s like an outside mall with a park smack dab in the middle of it.  I’ve never seen anything quite like it, but it’s really peaceful.  Families bring their kids and can make a day of it shopping and playing in the park.  Oh, and on top of all the stores are these apartments.  It’s tres chic.  🙂

The river in the park was still green for St. Patrick’s Day.  They must have had the same idea of stretching out the holiday.  🙂  We ended the date with some gelato.  Overall, amazing weekend.

It’s a Doggy Mardi Gras!

I was raised just outside of New Orleans, so today is more than just Tuesday…it’s Mardi Gras!  I have so many memories of going to parades, marching in parades, eating at church crawfish boils, devouring king cake and looking at all the crazy outfits people would wear. Continue reading

Anniversaries Remembered

Michael and I celebrate two anniversaries this week.  On the 14th, we celebrated our 5 year engagement anniversary.  On the 15th, we celebrated our 7 year dating anniversary.  So, in honor of him I will tell you our small courtship story before we became official.  I will pick up from where I left off on Sunday.

So, Michael and I went on our first what we call “friend date” in December 2004, walking around looking at Christmas lights and talking about our lives.  This was also the first relationship that I could see God working.  We both left college by the end of that week to spend Christmas with our families.  Every day of that vacation, we wrote to each other.  Yes, I’ve kept every single email he has ever sent me during that vacation (as well as every one after that).

When we got back, my impulsive nature wanted us to jump into a relationship right away.  This is something I had always done with the previous relationships.  Michael, on the other hand, wanted me to wait.  He had just gotten out of a relationship in November, and he wasn’t quite as impulsive as me.  He also saw relationships in a much healthier light.  He looked at dating as a stepping stone to marriage.  If he didn’t want to marry the girl, there wasn’t any point to dating her.

So, I waited…quite impatiently, but I knew that God was still in this relationship, and if I was going to make this change, I had to let Him lead, as well as let Michael lead.  We went on a couple of other dates, most of them walking through parks or on walking trails.  We even had our favorite walking trail that we went to most nights.

Then Valentine’s Day came.  Michael and I had become very close friends at this point, and I couldn’t think of anyone else I wanted to be with.  We went to Dairy Queen for blizzards (it was quite warm that evening, so this really made sense, even in February), but we only went as friends.  The next night, as we went on one of our famous walks on our favorite trail, he asked me to be his girlfriend.  I told him I would think about it.  No, that’s a lie.  I adamantly said yes.  🙂  He told me later that he didn’t want to ask me on Valentine’s Day because there is a lot of pressure that comes with that day.  We still count that “friend date” as the beginning of our exclusive relationship.

Each year after that, we would celebrated our anniversary by going to Dairy Queen.

In fact, he actually proposed to me at Dairy Queen.  He bought me a Valentine’s heart shaped box, and there nestled on the lap of this pink bear was the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen (he picked it out).  Yes, I kept the heart shaped box, bear, and ring box.  I’m such a sentimental hoarder.  🙂

Do you have any special milestone traditions in your relationship?