Postpartum Anxiety Update

It's been a couple months since I talked about being diagnosed with Post Partum Anxiety, so I thought I would give a little update and reflection on how I'm doing now. In two words, much better.  But it was definitely a journey to get to this point.  I was already in therapy at the time,… Continue reading Postpartum Anxiety Update

How I Survived The First Three Months

Sam is about to be 4 months old in a couple weeks.  I've learned a lot about myself and him in these last few months.  Just like any life stage, there has been a definite learning curve to the adjustments.  So, I thought I would share some general things I've learned. Get your people.  Your… Continue reading How I Survived The First Three Months

Some A’s for the Q’s

The past few months since our son was born, I've gotten a couple questions asked that I thought would be good to address on here as well.  Having a child after pregnancy loss tends to color the world just a little bit differently, and seemingly innocuous questions may end up being more awkward than intended. … Continue reading Some A’s for the Q’s

My Experience with PostPartum Anxiety

I waited five long years.  Through miscarriage and stillbirth, I finally gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy.  I crossed the finish line. Or so I had thought. When I reached that finish line, I looked up and saw I had several more laps to go.  And, guys, I was exhausted.  Emotionally.  Physically.  Mentally. … Continue reading My Experience with PostPartum Anxiety

DFS: Week 35 and Some Anxiety Rears Its Ugly Head I know that I've been anxious through most of this pregnancy, but this week just seemed to hit a peak.  The place I struggle with it the most, which I mention a little bit in my video is putting this nursery together.  There are so many memories I have of working on registries and… Continue reading DFS: Week 35 and Some Anxiety Rears Its Ugly Head

DFS: Week 33 and The Calm After the Storm This week, other than the ultrasound appointment, there isn't much to share.  As far as my stress levels, I have good days and bad days.  While in most pregnancies, women can breathe a sigh of relief after a certain point, my stress just seems to get a little higher.  With the umbilical cord placement and… Continue reading DFS: Week 33 and The Calm After the Storm