Recipe Report Card: Magnolia Table Banana Pudding

For Mother’s Day, Michael gave me Joanna Gaines’ new cookbook, Magnolia Table.  I was excited to try one of the recipes in her book, but I knew time would be an important factor.  And I wanted it to be a dessert, an indulgence, not a dinner that I would be obligated to make, or we… Continue reading Recipe Report Card: Magnolia Table Banana Pudding


Hello Fresh Update

I ended up using my little credit from my first foray into this meal delivery service to try another week of Hello Fresh.  Actually, I did this last month, but I didn't actually have time to write about it then. Anyway. This time I had no problem with food allergy contaminants, so these meals were… Continue reading Hello Fresh Update

My Honest Review of Hello Fresh

I wasn't originally going to write a review of this meal delivery service.  To be honest, the decision to order from Hello Fresh came from a)too much advertising on social media, b) watching one of my favorite YouTubers make several of their meals over the last few months, and c) a timely rut in my… Continue reading My Honest Review of Hello Fresh