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Come Join The Story!

I mentioned this week there would be a few changes to the blog. I’m excited to share with you today one of those changes. I’m beginning a newsletter!

I’ve been toying with this idea for months now, rolling it back and forth in my mind. It will take the place of the Saturday Summaries I used to do, but it will also have exclusive content that I won’t be putting on the blog. Plus, I will be giving you updates on my book in the coming months. I want to connect more this year, and this newsletter is one of the ways I plan to do just that!

At most, it will be twice a month. I completely understand the sanctity of the inbox. I promise not to spam your email box. Sign up below before January 12th to make sure you get the first one!

Sign Up Here!

Saturday Summary


So, here’s what’s been happening this week.

Sunday: Started my Summer Study on Philippians

Monday: Escaped a Room!

Tuesday: Updated My Summer Goals

Wednesday: Shared Music I’m Listening To At the Moment

Thursday: Celebrated Another SPCA Adoption!

Friday: Talked About Why Adults Should Subscribe To YouTube

How was your week?