Let’s Hear It For the Boys (Chihuahua Edition)

This week, I worked mainly with Chihuahua mixes at the SPCA.  They all managed to pose so nicely, so I thought I would show them to you! This is seven year old Leo.  His ear is cocked like that all the time.  He's a little shy, but loves to go for a walk.  He brightened… Continue reading Let’s Hear It For the Boys (Chihuahua Edition)


Meet Our Pups!

I would like to introduce our two precious puppies! Jerzee was a rescue from a local Humane Society before Michael and I were even engaged.  (She was my Christmas present right before our engagement).  She is now seven years old. She is still a bundle energy!  Every night, when Michael gets home from work (or… Continue reading Meet Our Pups!